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U are the One that killing mY heart...sToP mY brEathing 4 a while~~~
U are Such dat i never wOnderIng too fallIng in Love wIth YoU~

dis the One man dat killing  my heart,stOp my breathIng 4 a while...
in dis nyte hoPE dat i cOuld dream U~ 
ahahaha~~ lme rse yer xjTuh chenta! hehehe..... tp die buat sy jTuh chenta!!!weeeeeeee!!!
mcm ne ley jTuH CHENTA???? ahhaaha.. 
ak bR jer leps tGk citer anOther cinderella~~
 hOw sweet!!!
die sgt nsem~~ smart~~ wOw!!!... his eyes!!! can break my heart!!!hehehehe!!

p/s: Even his can break my heart, can stOp my breathing 4 a while BUt, his nOt like U, dat accept  
       me  dat wHo am i...
fully loving U:: nUyul

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