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congrate to all of U !! :)

hey lil bro !! 
congrate !!! 8 A 1B.. !!

huh?? who is he 4 me??
act he is my participant 4 disable camp at Tioman
when i'm in degree student part 4.
congrate lan !
i'm proud of dekk  !!
also congrate too my lil sis syamini
4 da straight A's...
dpt result je die call ak ! hahaahaha....
she love me yeahhh !!!
ucapan setinggi2 congrate.
(siap peluk ciyom!)
untukk adekkk ak tersyg
4 da SPM result!
"adek taw x? ayah sgt bangge dgn adek,bile die tepon akak,die dgn sore excited bgtaw result adek"
ape pun i'm proud of u ! good luck 4 ur future adekk tembamm!

4 eha !!! congrate gak..!
all the best 4 ur future syg..:)

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