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Harith Naufal :)

he cant hold a pencil
of course la he also cant write
he cant read
but if u guide him, he CAN do it !
do like what a normal kids can do :)
her mummy said " i anta die msuk Nuri supaya die berkawan je"
first time when i'm came to his clas
so weird when he look at me with non stop smile..hahaha..
i think  just now i cute myb..hahahaha...
but i the reality i'm not laaaa..isnt it ?

ok ! jom la jalan2 tgk pic anak2 saya !
bile anak2 nie dpt handfone teacher die, diorg posing pun da mcm teacher die da!

hye anak2 teacher!!
ok sekian untuk 2nd day ! enjoy with dis job ! :)

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