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i'm died with our memory ^_^

if i can turn back.. i want to be a student forever!
forever and ever! dont want go to work.. 
dont want to thinking about my future.i'm just wanna do..
wake up early in the morning...go bath..and preparing myself go to class
pick up my phone " oi! ade mane? breakfast jom!"
and after class " wey ! iskandar2.."
go to class again.. "ok kwn2 ptg nie ade meeting " uh yeah!
before back..eat again or lepaking..at night "oi ! ade mne? mkn jom..medan2..sometimes pecal2"
lepaking..then back..
if have any asgment to do " dira,port mlm nie? kedai ko lah! "hahaha... like2 dis so much!
"uncle neslo ice satu !"..do our asgment together until we are ready to back!
"oi! come on la, xbujang la..blik awal....layan bola sat"
ahahaha ! thats y la.. i like to stay in shah Alam even semester break..ekeke! noty right?
when friday night.. " movie?"
mcm biase laa.. " ok syg, sy amik awk ker awk amik sy?"
saturday, sunday..always do the same.. midnite movie,lepaking, shopping sometimes library (not always! ngee)..
what i need i got while i'm stdying...
i'm working now! be apart of "warga pendidik"
i'm really2 like my work but the most ever2 most really like is when i was stdying..
thanx for da best moment guys! appreciate what u've done from semester 1 until semester 6!
 these are the best moment i have! good luck guys! i will pray the best for your future! yeahh!
love u SR 221.. :)

p/s : enjoy ur degree ! (i mean it)

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