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first day, but second time :)

yeay !
 this is my new job!
sport and recreation coordinator :)
 today i feel uh ! no regret for being study almost one semester facility management subject 
seriously.. it is so useful! how to maintainance, how to take care of facility, how to manage it
after dis da boley gantikan encik khairul my lecture sport facility..hahha.. (*belagak!)
tepu otak dan always yawning... sbb ? kple otak ak gagal berfungsi dgn baik myb kekurgn oksigen..haha..otak ak da terlalu padat menerima input2 arinie ye lesson dan akibat ye.. nth ak xingt satu pun ! wakaka.. soory2.. dats my fault !..hehe thanx Puvana and Magesh for your concerning ! ngeee !
tomorrow m shift : 7 am tp 3 pm ! uhhhhh... boley ker bgn awl nieh !! :)

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