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The ring

Assalamualaikum ! hye peeps  !!
hello southern tiger !! aummmmm !

these are the issue
and these are the reason why i'm still strong until now
the ring? now where ever i go..  wearing this thing make me strong, make me feel
 " hey guys i'm taken !"
actually when we are going for a walk alone.. then wearing this thing..
it will make guys surrounding you.. think wisely before smile at you or  try to convinced you.. or try something else going so close to you... 
 just now ! i'm doing for myself not for someone.. if i have any problem with it..
dont worry i will face it alone... seriously disappointed the way you give your response
but its ok.. it will be fun after it...  use my brain and take action when it supposedly at the right time :) 

enough ! thank you :)

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