[ Mrs. Owner]

speechless :)

assalamualaikum ! " senyum ! *xde bunyi*
haha ! *baju kami same kaler arinie ! agagagag *watlek watpiss je ok !
hari2 ak yg terase kehilangan !*ouchhh
sedey? sikit la...happy? sikitlaa...pelik? hah ! tue byk !ragu? ohohoh ! tue lagii la.. xyah cite kan..

no matter how you feel, get up, dress up,  show up and never give up !
be a strong girl ! insyaAllah.. it will be fine .. Allah is always with you :)

seperti ade yg menghalang perasaan nie
yes it's called "ego"
  i'm hurting my self for sake of Allah :)

enough ! nite ! thank you ;)

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